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Bidding Update

So bidding season has now reached the halfway point. Final bids are due on Oct 18, and handshakes go out on the 28th. Of the five bids that I submitted, I was only serious about my top three. The fourth and fifth bids were down stretches (salary grade), which are a pain to get since most places don’t want to pay you more to do a job with less responsibility…plus a ton of people bid on these two posts…so I was basically just using them to fill out my bid list. They’re all cold in the winter, of course. 🙂

Last week was literally a week of ups and downs for me. It looked like this:

  • Monday: Found out I was on the short list for my #1 post. Yay!
  • Tuesday: Was told that I didn’t even get an interview for my #2. Boo.
  • Wednesday: Received an email saying I was on the short list for my #3 post. Yay!
  • Thursday: Was informed that the school at my #1 post can’t take my son because they’re short-staffed. Boo!

So I’m really hoping things work out for my #3 post!! It’s a wonderful location, and I would be more than thrilled to live and work there. The only reason it was third on my list was because the first two would’ve been slightly easier to manage as a single mom, and #3 will take a little more…coordination.

For post #1, we would’ve been housed on a housing compound that was about a five-minute walk to work. The one school is about 30 minutes away, there’s a shuttle from the compound for the kids, and the job was very 8-5 with no overtime. So life would’ve been fairly simple. I could always be to work on time, and my kiddo’s commute would be one hour less in a day that I would have to worry about childcare.

BUT the host government is also being a bit stingy with visas at the moment, and there’s no guaranteeing that MED would clear my son for this particular post. Also if the school is short-staffed, the morale is probably low, and the existing teachers overworked. Plus we’d be in an apartment with the dog. So it’s probably for the best.

Post #2 was another manageable post with the embassy and international school being about 10 minutes away from each other and little to no overtime required. It’s a very safe place with good public transportation, so young children are quite independent. And the school was happy to take my son.

BUT we probably would’ve ended up downtown in an apartment, which wouldn’t have been ideal with the dog. But it would be better than having a house an hour away in the ‘burbs. After-school care isn’t really a thing, so if A is getting home from school before I get home from work, I don’t want home to be too far away.

So I am now clinging to post #3. It too has schools that are close to the mission (one is right across the street), and we might possibly be able to get a house with a fenced yard for the dog…depending on how long the commute is. The job itself requires a fair bit of overtime, but the school we’re looking at does have after-school care, so the question is…will it be late enough? If not, I will have to find an alternate solution. I am more than willing to do so…we just have to be assigned there first!!

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