Okay, it wasn’t really a reunion, but it felt like it. We had seven awesome people come to visit us in Reykjavik in May and June…five of whom overlapped in May…all of whom we worked with in Antarctica.

The first couple, TS and BB, came the second weekend in May and had plans to visit with us for a couple days then rent a car and drive counterclockwise around the Ring Road that circles all of Iceland. Then they would swing back by at the end of their trip.

They had their itinerary all planned out and were interested in seeing a few sites in the Reykjanes peninsula, which was awesome as there were a couple things on my bucket list in that area, like the Bridge Between the Continents…and the massive Viking sword stuck in a traffic circle outside the Viking museum in Keflavík. What can I say, some of the things I want to see are a little quirky.

The bridge between the continents of North America and Europe.

The Viking sword in front of Viking World in Keflavik.

We also visited the Gunnuhver geothermal area, and found a lovely lighthouse and a really cool section of volcanic uplift right at the edge of the sea with a memorial to the Great Auk. It struck me as a lovely place for a picnic when things warm up a bit this summer.

Sadly, they didn’t have the best of weather. But they were here for three weeks, so they got to see Iceland in all kinds of conditions and then came back around for some more visiting!

Part 2 up next!