So we are officially half way through our tour. This is the first time we’ve been at a three-year post, and, honestly, it’s starting to seem like a reaaaaaaally long time. Other than a random eight-year stint in Orlando in the ‘90s (because I couldn’t come up with a place that I’d rather be…but did still manage to move apartments every two years), three years is the longest I’ve lived anywhere, and that was back in high school.

I think I started getting antsy this last summer when everyone was bidding. I’m always peeking at the projected vacancies to see what’s out there, and there’re some interesting places.

Now that A’s in school and has been diagnosed with ADHD, he’s been downgraded to a Class 2 medical clearance and has to be approved by the school at our next post, so that’s an important factor next time we bid. The ability for N to get a job at the embassy is also important, and the odds for that increase at larger posts.

We also have two pets…one of them a large dog. So I’m kind of done with quarantine countries. I’m still not a fan of the heat, which rules out half the globe. With all that in mind, it’s fun to get online and see what exotic new locations might meet our needs.

Iceland really is small, and the embassy is even smaller. We’ve had two people curtail from post in the 18 months that I’ve been here, which has a huge impact on morale. This winter hasn’t been as nice as last year…we haven’t had any fun visitors or much snow. Snow has the ability to reflect light even at night and really brighten up a place. So it’s just been quiet and dark.

For once I might be looking forward to winter ending and turning into summer as we have a slew of visitors starting in May…yay!! We have one more R&R to look forward to, although it will have to be much shorter than last year’s. And I really do want to try to get out and get us hiking more at all. Maybe A will complain less now that he’s a little older. Plus it’s a good way to get the dog some off-leash exercise.

I do still have a few places left on my bucket list, but they’re really kind of small and random and in out-of-the-way places that involve driving for at least four hours…like the infinity pool on the fjord in Hofsos, or a photo with the resident puffin at the aquarium on the Westman Islands. I wouldn’t mind going whale or puffin watching, but I’ve seen them before in Alaska. So, if we miss them, it’s not that big of a deal.

So ya, I have itchy feet.