I didn’t grow up with much in the way of elaborate Xmas traditions. We put up stockings, decorations and a tree and listened to Xmas music. You opened the presents from your stocking on Xmas eve and the rest of your gifts on Xmas day. We didn’t really have a fancy meal that I remember, but we liked to have a big breakfast.

And we always watched Xmas movies. My mom’s favorites were A Christmas Story and Miracle on 34th Street, although we never really watched the second one very often. I haven’t had much luck with the movie tradition since starting my own family. Our son has proclaimed them all boring unless they’re specifically geared for children. And my hubby’s not a huge fan of Xmas movies or chick flicks, which many of them kind of are (think Love Actually and The Holiday).

So lately I’ve branched out into a new genre for me…the B-Horror Christmas Film, and it is fairly entertaining for the grown-ups. It’s not completely unfamiliar territory…Gremlins was pretty popular when I was a kid.

One of the immediate things you notice in Iceland at Christmastime is that the warm and fuzzy Santa is definitely a Western tradition and not a Scandinavian one. So we began our foray last year with a Finnish Xmas horror film from 2003 called Rare Exports. This year we started off the season with Krampus (2015).

But I’d like to raise the bar a little bit. Since this is one of my family traditions that I actually really love, this year I’ve decided to turn it into an Advent tradition and watch 25 Christmas movies! One for every day until Xmas starting on Dec 1.

I thought of sharing this new tradition with my family, but my hubby pronounced the idea “painful.” But I’m not going to let that ruin my holiday fun!! I have a bit of catching up to do though, as today is the fourth, and I’ve only watched one film. I already have a few holiday favorites in mind, but I also found this list of many of the Xmas movies made in the US since 1901. So bring on the Amazon rentals! Next up…Love the Coopers.