I’m very excited to report that I auditioned for and have joined a local women’s choir in Reykjavik! Woo hoo! I love to sing and really enjoyed being in the Rock Choir in London. Recording at Abbey Road Studios was obviously an amazing and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But as choirs go, I prefer something slightly more traditional.

The Rock Choir is great for people with no vocal experience as they don’t use any kind of sheet music…it’s just a page of lyrics, and you download the audio files from the internet. This kind of bugged me a little bit. Also, being a four-part male and female harmony, you only spent 1/4 of any given practice actually singing, and we rarely sang a single song all the way through.

Plus, as much as I love my boys at home, I needed some estrogen in my personal life. So I was thrilled to become part of an established women’s choir. Once a week, I get to spend a couple hours doing one of my favorite things with 120 wonderfully warm and welcoming ladies.

The practices are all conducted in Icelandic, so I rarely understand what’s being talked about. But I can follow the music easily enough. And the women have been so nice and will lean over and tell me anything truly important in English.

Although I think they find it slightly odd that I’m there at all. It’s a very tight knit group, as you can imagine. Iceland already has such a strong sense of community, and the choir itself has been around for 20 years with many of the same women (the average age is about 50). But they’ve all been truly kind, and I’m so happy that I found it.

They have a couple of performances during Christmas, a concert in the spring, and every other year they take a choir trip somewhere in Europe. This year they’re heading to Finland and Estonia. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to join them, and be part of their group, if only for two more years.