After being at post for a year, we finally got cable TV! I had been putting it off because I wanted us to spend more time outside and be more active…but that hasn’t really happened. Everyone just spends time on their personal electronics instead.

And I’ve missed having TV. We have one room that has a random satellite dish attached to it that receives 20 or so freeview channels from the UK, which is awesome. So when I want my TV fix, I usually watch that.

But I actually like watching local TV. For one thing, it really helps you with the language. And I think the programs they choose to air give some insight into the local culture. I’m also loving the diversity.

We signed up for “The World” package and get about 150 channels, most of which are in Icelandic. But there are also two Danish channels, two Swedish channels, three Norwegian channels, and about a dozen American channels…like the Food Network, E!, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild and Animal Planet.

There’s an assortment of news stations in English, French, Icelandic and German; half a dozen kids channels in English and Icelandic; two very strange American movie channels that show 60s Westerns and other equally vague films; and something that’s slated as the Travel Channel but with a lot of ‘70s-era Michael Palin travelogues that never match the guide; with a few music video channels thrown in.

So there’s quite a bit of variety! And I like to think that my Icelandic is improving…between episodes of House Hunters and My Cat from Hell. 😉 Just in time for the long winter.