Sometimes, I like to eat plain yogurt and granola for breakfast. But I haven’t had much luck finding anything resembling plain yogurt in Iceland.

They have Skyr, which is fantastic. It’s high in protein, looks like a thick yogurt, and comes in a wide variety of flavors…strawberry and blueberry are my favorites…but they also have everything from chocolate chip to orange and ginger. The recipe was brought from Norway to Iceland more than 1100 years ago. Apparently the tradition died out in most of Scandinavia, but it lived on in Icelandic culture and parts of Norway.

It’s advertised as being low fat, which it is. An American woman told me when I first arrived that it’s amazing low in calories as well. Apparently she had a diet version that she was unaware of, so if you’re not quite sure, check the ingredients on the back…”acesulfame” translates pretty directly.

I tried their “Greek” yogurt. But it is the consistency of Cool Whip. So if you add milk and stir it, it’s kind of like plain yogurt. But I’m fairly lazy in the morning, so I was still searching for something closer to the real thing.

This morning, I finally got brave and tried súrmjólk. A 2008 article on Icelandic dairy products in the Reykjavik Grapevine describes it as follows:

In English, ‘sour milk’; this acerbic yogurt-esque liquid takes a little getting used to, to say the least. It starts off innocently enough but then hits you with a pungent roundhouse kick to your stomach, guaranteed to knock your socks off if you mistake this for regular milk. This esoteric drink comes in several different flavours including strawberry and mixed berry. I have to admit it isn’t my favourite and threw my gut into knots. This is reserved only for the most adventurous of milk connoisseurs.

And guess what?! It worked perfectly. It’s a bit more liquidy than regular yogurt, but still not as runny as milk. I would say it’s more of a kick to the mouth than the stomach, but it goes quite nicely over granola. So I guess now I can get one of these.