So the other day, my hubby and I were walking down Laugavegur, the main street in downtown Reykjavik, when we passed a woman kneeling on the sidewalk and taking a picture of some other woman’s shoes.

We thought it was fairly random…until about five minutes later when the same woman with the camera caught up with us, said she was from Footwear News in New York, and asked to take a picture of my boots. I’m a trusting soul for the most part, so I said, “Sure!”

Low and behold, she wasn’t pulling my leg (so to speak), and here are my boots, in all their glory, in a December 22 article in Footwear News online. Below is my edited screenshot. You can find the original article here, and I’m slide #5 in the slideshow. 🙂

My famous footwear. ;)

My famous footwear. 😉