Thorfinn Wolverine Barfolomew

Thorfinn Wolverine Barfolomew

We’ve been promising our only child a furry companion for the last couple of years as our cat is notoriously antisocial. Before we moved to Iceland I’d started looking into adoption websites and breeders. If we went through a breeder, my hubby preferred a Golden Retriever as they have a great disposition and are generally tolerant and good with children.

I’ve never purchased an animal from a breeder, and Icelandic breeders in particular are exorbitantly expensive as they know how much you’d have to pay if you were to bring your own animal through quarantine. So we definitely investigated the adoption option first.

We attempted to adopt half a dozen different dogs over the first couple months, but nothing ever worked out. Either the owner never responded, or the dog had already been spoken for. So we finally took a serious look at going through a breeder.

A breeder on Facebook recommended a lovely woman who lives on a farm north of Reykjavik who was just breeding her first commercial litter, and the fluffy puppies were born in October. She invited us up to meet them when they were five weeks old, and they were to be released to their new homes at eight weeks, which was the weekend right before Christmas.

So on Friday night, we met her in Reykjavik, exchanged cash and paperwork, and brought home the newest member of our family, named Thorfinn Wolverine Barfolomew…after a Viking ancestor, A’s favorite X-Man, and N’s favorite Spaceballs character. 🙂 Unlike your typical American Golden, Thorfinn is a European-style Golden who is a bit stockier in the chest and head with a very light-colored coat. He also has very long fur. A friend said he looked like a polar bear cub, which I thought was very appropriate for our current Nordic life.

I’ve never had a puppy before, but my hubby has had dogs in his family for most of his life. Our son hasn’t bonded with him quite yet as he’s very bouncy with sharp puppy teeth and claws. We’d hoped they could sleep together at night, but neither of them appears to be ready for that. So at the moment we’re working on potty training and just getting to know each other.

The first night went fairly well, but the second day was a disaster. I probably changed my socks four times from stepping in puddles of pee. Then he peed on the rug in A’s room and two other rugs around the house.

At one point he became obsessed with squeezing under the couch…I imaged a bunch of A’s small toys under there that he might choke on and pushed the couch out of the way to investigate. But it caught on a plug sticking out of the wall and ripped out the entire outlet. N has a bit of electrical experience and tried to cap off the live wires. In so doing he shorted out the lights and the Christmas tree in the front room. So we put the puppy out on the solarium where he sleeps to keep him out of the way, and he cried for an entire hour, which was heartbreaking and annoying at the same time.

But we finally got things under control and all the lights back on. And he was a fairly calm boy yesterday. Two other unexpected things have already come out of the change to our family dynamics: We’re all eating at the dining room table instead of on the couch at mealtimes, and A is much more interested in picking up his toys.

The cat hasn’t quite decided how she feels about him yet. If she sees him she hisses and growls, so we’ve moved her food and water upstairs where the bedrooms are. And she seems content to hang out there during the day and prowl the house at night after he’s gone to sleep. So we’ll see how the rest of the week progresses.

Hello, world. :)

Hello, world. 🙂