We had three more great visits with people in the last couple weeks. One of my best friends from eighth and ninth grade in Alaska lives in Arizona, so we met up with her and her daughter for dinner at a nearby Cheesecake Factory. I hadn’t seen her since the mid-‘80s, so it was great to see her and do some catching up.

Another girlfriend that was my roommate the first two years that I lived in Florida is here in AZ with her family and lives near Phoenix. They were kind enough to load up the family and drive almost two hours to spend the day with us.

We’d only recently found each other on Facebook, so we also had lots of fun catching up to do and had a blast meeting each other’s families. She has two young kids, and one of them is a little boy about our son’s age, so we all had pizza for lunch, spent some time in the swimming pool, and watched the boys play Lego Marvels. Probably the most fun our son has had while on home leave.

My cousin DK also came out from California for a week. We hadn’t seen her since our wedding, and she hadn’t met A yet, so we all chilled and shopped and BBQ’d and swam…and even managed to get in a trip up to the Kitt Peak Observatory.

Kitt Peak is a little over an hour drive from northern Tucson. It was supposed to be 106F in town, so we were looking forward to some cooler temperatures up at 7,000 feet. I hadn’t thought about the sun though and got a nice sun burn on my chest that quickly welted into heat rash…ugh.

But we got to see a few of the telescopes, and caught the last 30 minutes available for solar viewing, which was really neat. I’d never viewed the sun through a telescope before. They had two different set ups…one to see the solar flares and one to see sun spots. It was pretty amazing. A fun final family adventure in Tucson…and with that…our home leave has ended. See you all in Reykjavik!!11822746_10153324960867891_2222049274617217006_n