Daffodils in front of the London Eye (internet photo).

Daffodils in front of the London Eye (internet photo).

Since I returned from Spain last weekend, the weather in London has been sunny and gorgeous with temperatures in the 50s. The fruit trees are suddenly flowering, and there’s a really bright cheerful yellow something-or-other blooming along the bus route on the way to work. The daffodils and crocuses in front of our apartment are in full swing. So it seems that spring has arrived!!

But for some reason, I’m a little down about it. Maybe it’s because we had another pathetic winter in London, so it doesn’t feel like it should be over yet if it never really arrived. And also, this is the final stretch of our tour. So once spring transitions into summer, we are out of here!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really looking forward to a summer holiday and home leave and our new life in Reykjavik. But on the flip side there is the joy that is packing up your entire house and unpacking it somewhere else. Putting the cat in quarantine. Taking 15-hour flights with a preschooler. Waiting for your car to arrive. It all just sounds like a pain in the ass. And we really have had a lovely tour. I feel like so many things will be left undone, so many places unvisited.

Maybe part of it is also because we barely left the house last month and have all had colds for weeks on end. We made it to one theatre show and to the Tower, and that’s about it. April looks like it’s going to be packed with fun though. We have not one, not two, but THREE separate groups of friends coming to visit. There’s a community Easter Fayre as well as the Embassy Easter party for the kids, and a visit to Highclere Castle (home of Downton Abbey) planned.

But there’s still a huge list of things to do and see, most of which I’m sure we’ll never get to like:

  • Going to Scotland for the Highland Games
  • Visiting the Keys Creek Lavender Fields
  • The Henley Royal Regatta, and the Royal Ascot
  • The Natural History Museum
  • Bletchley Park
  • The English School of Falconry in Bedfordshire
  • Fishbourne Roman Palace & Gardens
  • Watts Chapel in Surrey
  • The Museum of Somerset
  • Wells Cathedral
  • Fishbourne Roman Palace & Gardens
  • Sherwood Forest
  • The Scott Polar Research Center Museum in Cambridge
  • Goodrich Castle and Puzzlewood Forest
  • Stowe Landscape Gardens

…and entire towns like Brighton, Penzance, St. Ives, York, Whitby, Lindisfarne, Lincoln, Durham, Scarborough, Bath…not to mention most of Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

So ya, I still have a massive bucket list, and I’ll be happy if we get to even 1/4 of it in the next few months. I’m not ready for spring yet.