After three months of waiting, our early departure date was FINALLY approved this week.  Woo hoo!!! We’ve had a couple people ask if there’s something wrong…they thought we liked we London! Why are we trying to leave early? And, of course, we still do. It’s a simple matter of logistics.

With our original assignment, we’re allowed to leave anytime between August and October. But our son’s school starts in August. We still have a required month of home leave. And there’s a training class I wanted to take in July for my new job. Plus the OMS I’m replacing is leaving several months before I arrive, so they’d have to get a temp in from DC. Pushing my departure/arrival date forward really helps everyone out.

So we went through the “curtailment” process, which I actually felt rather bad about. I always thought people only curtailed if they hated their post or got fired. But apparently not. And since my curtailment is only by an extra four weeks to July, it’s more of an adjustment to my orders than a true curtailment. But I still had to submit official paperwork and get permission from five different people in London as well as people in DC…and field a few exclamations from coworkers of, “OMG, you’re curtailing?”

But now we are all set!! Immediately following our approval, I set to work on the time sensitive to-do list that I had been impatiently waiting to complete but couldn’t without date confirmation.

  • Reserve vacation rental for home leave.
  • Register for training class in DC.
  • Request housing in DC for training.
  • Request transfer travel orders (so we can then request plane tickets).
  • Update home leave address.

So now that some of the business of home leave is done. I took a few moments to enjoy the idea of a month off work in Arizona!! Granted it will be 120 degrees in July, but it will be just like summer vacation in the Sacramento Valley when I was a kid. And it’ll be a nice toasty warm break between the UK and Iceland.

I even indulged in a little online bathing suit shopping. I’m hoping to lose a bit of the 30 pounds (WTF?) I’ve gained since leaving Belize, but in case I don’t, I want to be prepared and able to get in the pool!

In the meantime, I will daydream about this image taken from a fun article on Mid-Century California Swimming Pools. 🙂

This is The Fox residence pool in Chatsworth, which apparently hosted the very last photo shoot of Marilyn Monroe. It was built in 1951and went up for sale in 2011 for $12m.

Poolside cocktails!