…is basically nonexistent. This is our second winter in the city, and until today we hadn’t seen a single flake of snow. The rest of the country gets it, and the north of England and Scotland get respectable amounts each year.

And it’s seems that the East Coast of the US gets pommeled every winter. But we never get anything. I think there was a lovely snow storm the year before we arrived. But nothing since then.

This morning however, I was standing in the kitchen and saw the sweetest little flakes falling quietly outside the window. It only lasted for about 10 minutes. But it was long enough to show my son and to contemplate running outside. Sadly we had toast in the toaster, so he wanted to stay in and eat his breakfast. It was nice to see it though.

The best comment I’ve seen about the weather was from Derek Knight, a producer at Radio 1, who wrote: “It’s valiantly trying to snow in London, but it’s melting as soon as it hits the cynicism.”

Parliament in snow.

Parliament in snow (internet picture).