Ha ha! I just found out about this, and it is now on my bucket list. Ever since I learned about the Swords in Rock monument in Stavanger, Norway, last year, I’ve wanted to go there. Because it’s huge and awesome and looks like something out of The Lord of the Rings.


Sverd i fjell, or Swords in Rock, monument in Stavanger, Norway (internet photo).


Another view.

Another view (internet photo).

The three swords have been around since 1983 and were created by Fritz Røed to commemorate the Battle of Hafrsfjord that took place there in 872.

Obviously we haven’t made it to Norway since we moved to the UK, and it doesn’t look like we’re going to get the chance in the next six months. So imagine how excited I was to discover that Iceland has its very own giant sword monument in Njarðvík…so far referred to as the Viking sword monument.

The Viking sword monument in Njarðvík, Iceland.

The Viking sword monument in Njarðvík, Iceland (internet photo).

I haven’t had much luck finding anything out about it. But people have been uploading pictures of it to the internet as recently as 2014. So hopefully it’ll still be there this summer. It’s not quite AS cool as the ones in Norway…being in the middle of a traffic island and all. But it’ll do in a pinch. 🙂