One of the things that I was really looking forward to when we arrived last year was the embassy Halloween party for the kids. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a little disappointing. It was a tad disorganized and chaotic, we’d barely been here a month and didn’t really know anyone, and there were people intentionally scaring the little children and making them cry, which REALLY made me angry.

So this year, I had pretty much decided to skip the embassy Halloween and venture out into the neighborhood for some traditional trick-or-treating instead. I had seen a few costumed kids cruising around by our apartment last year and was pleasantly surprised that there would be enough interest here in London. Plus this year they had the embassy party on the same day as the actual holiday, so it kind of had to be one or the other.

And I’m so glad we chose to go out! We dressed our son up as a knight since we’re in the UK (even though he wanted to be a Transformer…maybe next year), met up with some friends…namely Spiderman and Superman, and hit the pavement.

I had read about the best neighborhoods near us for trick-or-treating and plotted them out on a map so we wouldn’t be wasting our time in candy-less cross streets. But I really need not have bothered. There were probably a thousand people out roaming around, and a ton of houses got into the spirit of things, so to speak.

I truly cannot emphasize enough how many people were out. We started our evening around 6:30pm and came across at least half a dozen houses that had “out of candy” signs on them already. And who could blame them? You’d have to spend hundreds of dollars to fill that many buckets. But after an hour, we managed to score a decent little load, which we then supplemented from our kitchen stores, and everyone was happy!

We ended the evening with drinks for the grown-ups back at our place while the kids continued to run around the apartment in costume occasionally asking someone to open a candy wrapper that was too tough for them to tackle. I think it was a great way to spend our last Halloween in London…and a great place for our son’s first official neighborhood trick-or-treating experience.


Spiderman and our knight venturing into the dark streets of London.


The first spooky house.


My favorite house of the night…must be the cats in the windows.


Another one with lots of great detail.