Last Sunday, we took the family out and met up with our favorite local friends at Granary Square near King’s Cross for “Battle Bridge”: Boudicca vs the Romans! I love Roman-British history, so I was really interested to see what fun things they’d come up with.

The area was thought to be one of the spots were Boudicca attacked London back in AD 61. The Granary Building is a grade II listed building built in 1851 that was used to hold grain and coal brought to London from Lincolnshire and northern England.

It wasn’t particularly big budget, but I thought they did a pretty decent job of putting a fun family day together. There were horse and cart rides, gladiator workshops (which unfortunately we missed because we were on one of the previously-mentioned horse rides, and there was no clear schedule of events), and Roman dress up and photos.

There was Roman food and drink advertised, but I didn’t see any of it anywhere. So we settled for cheeseburgers and mediocre pale ales from one of the vendors. But I did get a lovely hand massage from a Roman woman carrying a decanter of rosemary-infused olive oil. And I even talked my son into making me a little mosaic that I will treasure forever. 🙂

We also had good weather, and it wasn’t too crowded. So I’d say it was a pretty successful outing. Although I think the most fun the kids had was playing ping pong in the Granary Building right before we left.


Promotional still from the event website:


Our son playing in the fountain next to some costumed Romans in front of the Granary Building.


A Roman horse and cart ride.