Bidding season has been under way for less than ten business days, and I’m ready for it to be done! Happily most of the posts that were on the projected bid list were also on the actual bid list for Summer 2015. So I had already done a lot of research, consulted with the hubby and pretty much knew where we wanted to go.

I’ve already submitted my bids and done all my lobbying, because…why drag it out? But bids aren’t due until the middle of October, so now I just get to wait and obsess about the bid count (number of people bidding on each post).

It’s actually been really interesting to see, even this early on, which posts are the most popular among the midlevel OMS crowd (Bangkok?). Although I have been told that you can’t really judge anything by the bid counts alone…because you have no way of knowing which posts people are serious about and which ones they’re just using to fill out their list.

And I totally understand, I officially bid on 14 out of a possible 15 posts, but only “lobbied” for five of them. I wouldn’t be at all upset to get any of the other nine posts, but the chances are slim that they’ll consider me if I’m not really pushing my interest and qualifications.

One thing that is obvious is the posts that are NOT popular. Strangely enough, the half dozen posts that I can see in Africa aren’t getting much love. Perhaps something to do with the Ebola outbreak?

And there is one post that I bid on, and lobbied for, where I am currently the only bidder. This makes me happy. But I’m trying to be realistic and not expect that I will still be the only bidder in eight weeks when this is all over. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed. 😉