I don’t work for Public Affairs, and I probably never will as they are not one of the embassy departments that commonly have direct-hire OMSs. But I’ve always thought it would be fantastic to do so. Both Public Affairs and Protocol are the fancy face of the embassy. They have all the interesting contacts and plan all of the parties.

As an entry-level OMS my presence is rarely needed at such functions. So you can imagine how delighted I was to receive an email from the Front Office last week inviting me (among others) to attend a UK screening of the third season of Veep at the Ambassador’s residence. The season had already finished in the States but was due to air this week in the UK.

I RSVP’d and immediately began an exhaustive search for a sitter as my hubby was out of town for work. I finally found one, literally, in the 11th hour…it was 5:05pm, and the event started at 6:30pm. But what a wonderful night it was!

For some reason, I originally thought it was going to be more of a work get together that might involve maybe 15 people…until I saw the guest list with 150 names. The majority of them were British journalists, relevant employees from Sky TV, and American script writers. But I recognized one name: Sally Phillips.

Sally Phillips is a prolific British comedic actress who appeared in two episodes of Veep as the Finnish Prime Minister. And any hopeless romantic from the 2001 (such as myself) would also recognize her as Shazza from Bridget Jones’s Diary…the one who liked to say f*ck…a lot.

Thankfully they were serving champagne, so after a couple glasses I finally mustered the courage to ask Ms. Phillips if she would be kind enough to take a photo with me…not wanting to be the annoying fan at the embassy party. But she was super sweet and obliged. So now I have this wonderful photo to add to my list of amazing memories of London. Thank you, Sally! 🙂