It’s the middle of June already, and even though we don’t get summers off, it seems like most of our events the last couple weeks have been related to kids. After Belize it’s nice to be somewhere that actually has a lot of events for children.

Sports Day

Our son had his first ever Sports Day at nursery school (which goes all year instead of following the academic school year, thankfully). Being so young, I was actually really impressed at how well he did and how great his coordination was. I had never seen him do anything particularly athletic other than run around, throw himself into the swimming pool and jump off the couch.

But they had (plastic) egg-on-spoon races, sack races, three-legged races and just plain running races, and he was always toward the front if not at the front of the pack. I was very proud! Then they all got cupcakes and little medals for participation, which I think is just fine at this age.



Summer Fayre

The following weekend was the St. John’s Wood Summer Fayre near Regent’s Park, so we went to that…and it was a madhouse. We got there right when it started at 11am, so it was fine in the beginning. But we stayed a bit too long…until 3:00. So our son missed his nap and was downright overstimulated after four hours…and ended up having a full-on screaming meltdown at the end when we tried to leave.

But he got to go on a big inflatable slide, ride on the spinning swings and the teacups, jump in the bouncy castle, eat hot dogs and ice cream…AND meet Peppa Pig, which brought a huge smile to his face. We heard early on that the Peppa event sold out quickly, so we went straight to the ticket booth and managed to get a slot.

Apparently the fair raised £50,000 for the St. John’s Wood Hospice, which is awesome.