One fun cultural thing we learned last week was the rhyme that British kids used to use to remember the long list of English monarchs starting with William the Conqueror.

Apparently it made a point out of omitting any mention of pre-conquest Saxon kings. And there are a number of variations on the end as time goes by. I’ve added the 2012 update because I like it.

Willie, Willie, Harry, Stee,
Harry, Dick, John, Harry three;
One, two, three Neds, Richard two
Harrys four, five, six… then who?
Edwards four, five, Dick the bad,
Harrys twain VII VIII and Ned the Lad;
Mary, Bessie, James the Vain,
Charlie, Charlie, James again…
William and Mary, Anna Gloria,
Four Georges I II III IV, William and Victoria;
Edward seven next, and then
George the fifth in 1910;
Ned the eighth soon abdicated
Then George the sixth was coronated;
And if you’ve not lost your breath
Give a cheer for Elizabeth.

(2012 update)

Now it’s Liz, then we’ll arrive . . .
At Charlie three, then William five.