We haven’t made it to The Royal Ballet yet…or any live performance venue for that matter. One of the ballets that I would’ve really liked to have seen this season is The Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty was my favorite of all the Disney animated movies when I was a kid…although I remember being terrified of the evil queen in her dragon form. And the costumes and sets for the ballet look absolutely amazing. But timing and total lack of effort on my part have led to the rest of the season being pretty much sold out.

Glancing over their webpage, I see they do have the DVD on sale for only £24.99! Which is approximately $40 USD. Or…you can go on Amazon and buy it for $22 USD with free shipping.

I’ve always found videos of live performances to be a little less than inspiring. But then, I’ve never had a 60” TV before either, for which I can thank my husband. So I might just give it a shot.