We were able to witness a very special event this week…the Ambassador’s Credentials Ceremony. Every ambassador from every country, no matter how big or how small, has to at some point officially present their credentials to the host government.

Here in the UK, that means that Queen Elizabeth sends a horse-drawn carriage to the embassy to pick you up and bring you to Buckingham Palace. You are then granted a short 20-minute audience with The Queen herself, after which you are returned by carriage to your embassy.

In 1886 there were only six ambassadors in London, with 37 other countries represented by ministers. Now there are 147 Foreign Missions.

Today at least half of our massive embassy turned out to applaud the Ambassador and wave him off as he was whisked away to the palace. When he returned, we all toasted and celebrated in the lobby with a bit of champagne. A very nice start to the holiday season!

The royal carriage...aka the State landau.

The royal carriage…aka the State landau.