Ever since we found out we were going to London, and a fellow OMS turned me on to the Living Social London website, I’ve been perusing it off and on looking for fun ideas for restaurants and things to do on the weekends. If they’re discounted, even better.

The other day I was looking for some Thanksgiving weekend outing ideas and came across a deal for the lovely little French restaurant on the edge of Grosvenor Square that I walk by every day on the way to work called Truc Vert. It had always just looked like a cute little corner café, but apparently it’s a full on restaurant.

So imagine my delight when Living Social popped up with a three-course-meal-for-two deal for the price of one. I promptly made a reservation, and my hubby joined me there for lunch today. So I thought I’d share a few of the details.

First of all, never try to squeeze a sit-down lunch in a London restaurant into 60 minutes. This is only the second time I’ve formally eaten out during the work day since we’ve arrived, and both times took an hour and a half.

As for Truc Vert, the restaurant itself is cute and relaxing with a kind of country-kitchen feel to it with plain wood tables covered in white butcher paper. Not huge, nothing in London is, but not cramped either.

Truc Vert restaurant interior.

Truc Vert restaurant interior.

Their menu is usually online, but the one that’s up right now is a few days old and did not match the one we had today, so I can’t give you the fancy specifics. But I can give you the gist of what we ordered.

Another note on the menu, it’s kind of a mess. The starters, mains and desserts are lumped into three sections, but they’re not labelled as such, so it might take a minute to figure out what they are. Then there’s additional information running down a left column, kind of a notes-in-the-margin style, that lists some quiches, cheese, meat, random cake flavors, and some, but not all, of the salads…the rest are wedged in with other side items between the mains and the desserts.

Truc Vert menu.

Truc Vert menu.

Anyway, once you have that sorted out, you can order your food. I went with a goat cheese, artichoke, aubergine and avocado salad for my appetizer; a veal steak with sautéed spinach and fried potatoes; and lemon soufflé for dessert.

My hubby had mushroom and truffle soup; a beef tornado (that we had to look up online because we’d never heard of it before) that came with a side of green beans and a fancy form of au-gratin potatoes; and he also had the lemon soufflé for dessert.

My meal was pretty good. The salad had great flavors, especially the marinated artichoke, but the goat cheese came in a little baked wheel on top of the salad that was so mild I thought it was brie. So I was a little disappointed because I actually like tangy goat cheese.

I’m usually pretty good at ordering in restaurants and have a decent idea of what most things are going to taste like. But I didn’t care for the veal at all. It was a large portion, but it was tough and tasted a bit of liver. I thought I’d read something about Béarnaise sauce on the menu, but it didn’t come with any. And the fried potatoes were basically giant French fries that I left alone so I’d have room for dessert.

My husband’s on the other hand was fantastic. It was a beautiful big soft piece of tenderloin, the beans had been lightly braised, and the creamy potatoes looked tasty.

For dessert, we both agreed that the lemon soufflé was fantastic. It came in a good-sized dish with a side of lemon foam for dipping.

But the highlight of the meal was the check at the end. The 2-for-1 voucher had cost £34 ($55 USD)…before they applied it, our bill came to £97 ($157 USD)!!! Once they applied the voucher, we paid for our two cokes (£3 each), and the 12.5% tip included for the server, for an additional £17. So in total we paid £54 ($87 USD), which is still kind of pricey for lunch…but a LOT cheaper than it would’ve been!!

Thank you Living Social!!