Holy crap, I can’t believe it’s been a month since I posted already.  I promise this doesn’t mean that I’ve lost enthusiasm for my blog, it just means that after three weeks in temporary accommodation, we’ve finally moved into our real apartment and still don’t have internet! So we’re using a crappy pay-as-you-go thing that crashes every five minutes.

And, strangely enough, we can’t get internet yet because the embassy folks that were in our apartment before us never turned off their service. So I have to send an official letter to our service provider at their corporate headquarters in Scotland (??) to have it shut off before we can start our own account.

But, other than that, things are going swimmingly. We are loving our new and permanent place. We were in our first place for about four days, and then had to move into the second awful one for two and a half very long weeks, which kind of killed the blogging spirit. See my previous post for a full description of how I felt about it. And it had started to make me nervous! What if our permanent place wasn’t nearly as nice as we’d thought it would be??

But it is.  🙂 It’s beautiful and spacious with new paint on the walls, new carpets and even a new love seat that’s a much more modern style than the one we had in Belize. There’s a lovely playground and high street nearby, and even the buses are nicer and less crowded.

And a few other things have improved since my last post. My computer profile finally transferred, so I can actually do some work. My hubby’s phone survived the dunking in the toilet. Our son’s giant bruise is healing up, and he seems to be enjoying nursery school…even though he’s brought home two colds in as many weeks.

And our HHE arrived on Tuesday, so we were able to begin the long process of unpacking. Our beautiful apartment is now trashed with empty boxes climbing the walls in the hallway. But the movers are supposed to come pick them up tomorrow, so that’s nice anyway. There’s not much in the way of storage, so putting things away requires a lot more planning than our last approach…throwing boxes unopened into large closets for months at a time.

We’ve been able to get out a few more times since the weather’s been pretty good since we arrived. One weekend we did the hop-on-hop-off bus tour and spent about five hours riding around the city getting off for food now and then or to use the bathroom. I’d seen some of the major tourist things on previous visits but had missed things like St. Paul’s Cathedral and the reconstruction of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Monday was Columbus Day so we dropped our son off at nursery school and had a date day. We started with breakfast at the Wolseley, followed by a stroll by Buckingham Palace and a wander through the National Gallery. We had originally planned on afternoon tea, but after about 400 years of art, we were a bit thirsty and instead found a lovely little pub called the Moon Under Water.

We stopped in for a couple beers, meat pies and chips (aka French fries). I also discovered a fun new drink that the British girls at the table next to us were all drinking. It’s called a “Strongbow and Black” made up of Strongbow cider and black currant cordial. It was very tasty.

After that we made the required tourist pilgrimage to Harrods, which was crowded and snobby, so we probably won’t be back. But I picked up a jar of rose jelly and a couple British-themed teddy bears (one dressed in a kilt and one dressed as a royal guard) for our son that I might end up keeping since he threw them on the floor when I gave them to him because they’d got a bit wet in the rain. Ungrateful little punk. 😉

At any rate, it’s all finally coming together. Hopefully we can get the place cleaned up and sorted out soon and will finally be able to relax into our new lives.