On the opposite end of the spectrum of making new friends and reuniting with old ones, I’ve been paying close attention to our son and how he’s been doing with all the moving and changing and new people. And there is one thing that I have a VERY hard time with…and that’s when new kids aren’t nice to him…and I don’t mean the initial toddler personality clash, I mean intentional unkindness…usually from older kids.

He was in daycare with sweet babies for six months when he was barely two months old, and then spent most of his time at home in Belize with a loving nanny, or on nicely supervised playdates with other lovely kids his age. Toward the end of our tour, some of the older kids started to give him a bit of the “you can’t play with us, you’re just a baby” attitude, which I thought was too bad. These were kids that were very sweet to him when they were younger.

And the same thing seems to be happening here on the playground. We had one lovely playdate with two little girls and enjoyed their company enormously. But the next time we went to the playground, there were slightly older children there, and they were abrupt and rude. Our son is a super social boy, and when he tried to engage them, they pushed him away, and he stood confused in the middle of the playground, and I watched that beautiful light in him dim just the tiniest bit, and it broke my heart.

I know I’m probably overreacting. And I KNOW this is just the beginning. I just don’t think I’m ready to watch him be wounded by the world quite yet. But then I guess no parent ever really is.