Last year we had a nice relaxed low key Mother’s Day. But this year…my husband went all out. He’d been staying up till about 11:30pm all week and blaming it on video games, which I totally believed. Plus we’re not big surprise people, so it didn’t occur to me that he could be up to something else. I was thrilled enough that he got up with the baby at 6:30am on Saturday morning.

So when I finally lumbered out of bed around 8:00, I truly was surprised to be met by a photo collage complete with commentary documenting our relationship from the beginning through to Mother’s Day lining the walls from the bedroom down the stairs and into the kitchen that ended in a big sign saying “Happy Mother’s Day!” There were also framed photos of me and us all over, a personal note and a custom card that he and our son had both signed.

This was followed by a leisurely breakfast of sausage and waffles prepared by Chef Hubby, and then we packed up the vehicle and drove down to Placencia for the night. We hadn’t done much advanced planning for this trip, but the brush fires had been so bad in the area that I just wanted to get out of town for the weekend.

So we went to Laru Beya, our favorite family-friendly resort and played in the sand and swam in the pool. As usual, the customer service was great. And they were kind enough to give us the low-season rate, even though we were still in high season, which is a HUGE difference…almost half the cost…and still gave us a bit of a diplomatic discount on top of it.

We had lunch at the resort, and for dinner ordered takeout from La Dolce Vita, our favorite Italian restaurant. And since this was probably our last trip down before we leave post, we had gelato not once, not twice, but THREE times. The first night I had a lovely combination of rum raisin and lime. The next morning I had cappuccino and chocolate mint…followed shortly by baileys and pistachio.

I was so absorbed in mine that I don’t remember what the hubster had, but I helped the kiddo keep himself somewhat clean by maintaining his cone for him. And he had banana the first day and raspberry the second. I’m not a banana fan unless it’s cut up in a split…so that flavor was probably my least favorite. But everything else was fantastic. And for the first time, even our son was saying that he didn’t want to go home.