We participated in the embassy-hosted garage sale yesterday. It was kind of like a normal garage sale in the sense that it was basically five American families that are departing post dumping a bunch of things they don’t want onto long tables and hoping to sell it.

It was different in the fact that it was held in the visitor parking lot under nice little tents that had been erected by facilities. And you couldn’t sell anything over $200 USD without having permission from a customs officer because most items were being purchased by local staff that do not have duty-free privileges, so the item would have to then be taxed as an import.

The difficult part for me was that it was egg-boilingly hot. I’m sure I made that word up, but you get the point. It was literally 100 degrees, and the event, including set-up, lasted from 10am to 1pm. At 11am there was about 70% humidity, which comes out to a heat index of around 140 degrees. I can honestly say that it felt like it. I was light-headed, not thinking clearly, and almost passed out after two hours and had to go inside.

I was pretty much useless the rest of the day, so it’s a good thing that I have a nice air-conditioned desk job. At the end of the day, my awesome hubby, who always pulls it together when I’m fading, put our son down, and I went to bed at 8:30pm and slept for almost 10 hours. So I guess I officially had the exhaustion part of “heat exhaustion.”

As for the sale, I thought we did fairly well. I sold about $300 USD in outgrown baby stuff, and my hubby made about $600 USD in old electronics and video games. Not bad for three hours of work. But next time, I think I’ll just do it from the comfort of my air-conditioned home like a normal person.