Well, folks, it’s beginning. Official transition season doesn’t really kick in for us until summer, but a few people at our embassy are leaving shortly for training, early assignments or to have babies…which is the case with my closest friend here in Belize. I’m very sad that she’s leaving early since we will have 4.5 more long months without her. But I’m happy that she’ll be able to deliver in safety in the U.S. and can’t wait to meet the baby when it’s our turn to go back for training!


It’s also the first day of Spring, and today the air is filled with smoke as Belize begins its seasonal slashing and burning of practically the entire country to get ready for planting. So nasty. We actually kept our son home from playschool today since it’s outdoors, and the air is so bad. It kind of helped me with a more permanent decision as well.


Our son LOVES his local playschool. He’s such a social baby (I know he’s 2, but he’ll always be my baby) and has a lot of energy. But he’s starting to come home tired and cranky, has had one chest cold after another since December, and is picking up all kinds of poor behavioral habits. I’m sure part of it is his age, but part of it might be a cultural difference in how the children around him are raised. Boys are definitely given a lot freer reign in Latin American society than girls are.

It’s also starting to get hot outside…like 95 degrees with 70% humidity, which is like 120 on the heat index. It takes about 20 minutes of playing outside before his entire face turns bright red. And it makes me nervous. I had heatstroke once growing up in Northern California and had headaches for years afterward.

Plus we have to leave work to take him to and from every morning, which is disruptive. We have less than five months left, so we’ve pretty much decided to just pull him out at the end of this month. But I feel guilty thinking of him trapped in the house and not running around happy with his friends.


And of course there’s the impending move looming on the horizon. I woke up at 3am this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep…my mind just wandering over home leave options, EFM job opportunities in London, housing locations, cost of living, etc. Not resolving anything, of course, just looping through the same thoughts over and over. Sigh. I should probably check my blood pressure.