The embassy-wide Biggest Loser competition finished up today…thank god. I’ve totally blown my diet this whole week anyway since we’ve had guests, and I just plain felt like having chili with cheese and sour cream instead of salad for lunch.

It was a surprisingly competitive eight weeks fueled by a weekly report from the Health Unit that compared everyone’s percentage of body weight lost. I did well in the ratings my first week, but quickly fell behind the people that were getting up at 4am and going running and then to the gym. No thanks!

So I am not the Biggest Loser, and I’m not even in the top 10 out of 35…I fell somewhere in the middle. But I still managed to lose about 10 pounds in two months, which is good. And it was only moderately frustrating to see that the people that lost the highest percentage were the ones that were pretty skinny to begin with. Perhaps we should’ve separated it into weight classes like they do in boxing.