March is visitor month, woo hoo! This month we have not one, but two groups of friends coming to Belize. Our first set arrived last Saturday from Minnesota and seemed to be enjoying the 75 degree change in temperature. We used to work together in Antarctica and hadn’t seen them in a few years, so it was fun to get caught up and to show them the sites.

We went to Xunantunich and to Cahal Pech ruins. Since we were last there a few months ago, the single-wide hand-crank ferry across the Mopan River had been replaced by a double-wide that can fit four cars instead of two. The ferryman has been turning the crank for over 10 years and said that it’s definitely harder to get the raft moving now. I wish him a bridge and an early retirement!

It’d been over a year since we were in Cahal Pech, and they’d completed the excavation of a whole new building, which was pretty cool. One of the loitering guides mentioned that they’d found a burial chamber at the top with a jaguar mask. I’m sure the archeologists were tickled pink!

Unfortunately, I fell on my ass on some loose terrain while wandering around the monument and lightly sprained my ankle. So my hubby was kind enough to take our friends to the Belize Zoo the next morning while I went back to bed and watched an episode of Downton Abbey. But I met them for lunch and limped around slowly as we checked out the Little Blue Hole for the first time.

The Little Blue Hole is a sink hole (cenote) in the Blue Hole National Park about 20 minutes south of Belmopan. There’s a small park fee, changing rooms, a couple outhouses and concrete steps down to what is a pretty popular swimming hole. There’s also a low echoing cave that’s supposed to be full of bats. Happily, they didn’t rush us when we were calling loudly into the cave. It’s also a great spot for bird watching, and we saw a couple fun ones like the Red-Crowned Ant Tanager and the Long-Tailed Hermit.

Sadly we weren’t able to take the whole week off, so our friends continued on their own down to Maya Center, the Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve, and then on to Placencia. But we’re looking forward to seeing them again this next weekend before they head back to the States.