Last week we had some TDYers in from another post, and they treated our office and our spouses to dinner, which was super sweet. We went to the golf course, which was my third time, and my husband’s first time out there.

We had green salad and steak and French fries. It made for a nice date night even though there were seven other people there. And I got a chance to talk to one of the visiting women that I’d always liked but hadn’t had the opportunity to chat with.

But the best and worst parts of the evening actually happened on the way in. The downside was that my hubby was bit by the owner’s dog while we were waiting for the others to arrive. Totally shocked him, as you can imagine. One moment the short, fat little mutt was all happy being scratched behind the ears, the next he was yelping and chomping down on my hubby’s hand.

Fortunately, he has very quick reflexes, and the dog only scratched the surface instead of really breaking the skin. He took it very well, I thought, and defended the dog by suggesting it might have a sore spot on its head. I’ll take his word for it. I’m sooooo not a dog person.

My big excitement happened a few minutes later when we were walking across the yard to the dining area. I glanced out into the darkness, and not only was the night sky filled with stars, but the air above the grass was filled with fireflies. I was so thrilled I actually squealed and grabbed the arm of the woman I was walking next to. Good thing I didn’t startle her too much, or she might’ve punched me…at least that’s what I do when I’m suddenly startled.

At any rate, seeing the fireflies made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I didn’t realize we even had them here. It was the first time I’d seen them since we arrived a year and a half ago, and we definitely don’t have any on the housing compound. Now I’m hoping there will be some when we’re in Virginia for training in August so that our son can see them.