I’ve been meaning to post on and off throughout the month but haven’t gotten around to it. So I’ll just do a single summary and slap it all together.

Biggest Loser

This month the embassy started a Biggest Loser competition, and my hubby and I both signed up. It was $20 USD each to join, and it lasts for two months. I believe we have over 30 competitors, and the top three winners get a percentage of the registration fees. It could end up to be a decent little junk of change. I’ve been on a weight-loss campaign anyway, so I figured this would help keep me motivated.

I’d lost about 15 pounds since July and only gained a few back over the holidays, thankfully. The competition’s been on for a little over two weeks, and I’ve only lost two pounds. I haven’t been very motivated after all…three-day weekends tend to kill me on the dieting (which leads to my next topic). But I’m feeling more focused this week, so we’ll see how it goes.

Belizean Massage

The weekend of the 21st was a Federal holiday for Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Our nanny gets all Belizean holidays off, of course, but she does work on American holidays, and we usually take the opportunity to get out and about without the baby. So we drove over to San Ignacio and had our first couple’s massage in the little spa at the Cahal Peche resort. I use the term “spa” very loosely. It looks all official online, but they don’t have a designated spa area. They opened up one of the unused guest rooms and set up two massage tables in the living room of the suite with a large poster of a tribe of Mayan warriors glaring down at you.

The massages themselves were decent enough. I’m a harsh judge of “deep tissue” as I like a lot of pressure. So our deep tissues were more like Swedish massages. But they were still pleasant. So I stared lazily through the hole in my face doughnut and watched an ant crawl around over a long black hair on the floor. We had a male and a female therapist, and they were both somewhat professional. Dressed in jeans and sneakers, they wore nursing scrubs over their shirts and whispered so softly what they were going to do next that I could barely hear them. The white cover sheet on the website had been replaced by colorful sarongs, and the music playing on the phone kept skipping forward halfway through each song, which was kind of annoying and added to the overly casual atmosphere.

I thought the $60 USD for one hour was kind of steep. But we finished our massages and then had lunch in the resort’s restaurant. We’ve been there a few times, and I truly love the view out over the valley. I’d never paid much attention to the menu before, but this time I noticed that the only thing that wasn’t fried was the cheeseburger and the BLT. I’m not a fan of Belizean hamburger meat, so I had the BLT and a margarita.

After lunch we drove over to Spanish Lookout and enjoyed an hour or so of baby-free grocery shopping. We were going to stop for ice cream but were both still full from lunch. So we called it a lovely day and headed back to Belmopan.

Duty Officer

Other than that…I’ve been Duty Officer this week, which is basically an after-hours Consular Officer and my single least favorite thing to do in the Foreign Service. I try not to complain too much on public forums, so I won’t go into detail except to say that I am soooo glad that I’m an OMS and not a career Consular Officer…or an EMT…or a police officer. They deal with some very difficult and emotional people and situations. I’m a Capricorn so I’m very uncomfortable around strong displays of emotion and prefer the nice little organized and positive mental box that I live in. So kudos to all the Consular Officers out there!!