I know this is a couple weeks late, but see previous entry for excuse. We’re still in the month of January, so I think it counts.

2013! Should be an interesting year. I tend to like the odd-numbered years better. Although good things do happen in even years…our wedding, the birth of our son, etc.

I won’t say that this last year flew by, but at least it passed without incident. And we had some highlights.

  • We got to visit with my mom, my dad’s family, with good girlfriends and with my hubby’s mom.
  • We got some regional and stateside travel in solo and with friends around Belize, Mexico, Colorado and California.
  • We swam with dolphins, went whale shark and reef diving, went ziplining, and got licked by jaguars. My hubby also did some cave tubing and hiking.
  • We got our next assignment in London, which is totally awesome.
  • Our son hit some major milestones. He started playschool and potty training and switched to a half rail on his crib.
  • My hubby started working at the embassy.
  • And I turned 40.

This next year, of course, will bring some major changes but probably not till the Fall when we PCS (permanently change station). We have training in DC, then our first Home Leave, and then it’s moving time again!! The only thing I’m truly stressed about is our cat. She no longer has to go through quarantine, but I’m just worried that I’ll miss a step somewhere, and she’ll be stuck in kitty prison for an indeterminate length of time. So keep your fingers crossed.

As for resolutions, I’m not afraid to make them. But I don’t beat myself up if I don’t quite reach them. This year, I’d like to lose that last 30 pounds. I’d like to double the size of my savings account. And we’d like A to be fully potty trained by the time we leave. I’d like to spend more quality time with my family. And I guess I’d just like the next seven months to go quickly and smoothly.

Happy New Year, everyone!