You’re probably wondering why I’m suddenly posting every day. It’s simply because there’s a ton of stuff going on lately. Weeks can go by with nothing out of the ordinary happening. But December seems to be our busiest month all of a sudden.

Yesterday, we had our annual embassy awards ceremony. Last year I got a Certificate of Appreciation for helping out with a great event at the Ambassador’s residence. And this year, my awesome boss nominated me for being innovative, and I was given a Franklin Award. Not to be confused with the Benjamin Franklin Award for Public Diplomacy that’s given out to private citizens and non-government organizations, the Franklin Award is pretty cool and looks good on your resume.

What made me even happier was the fact that my husband, the hardworking, energetic, perfectionist that he is, received a Meritorious Honor Award for sustained outstanding performance. Because it’s an honor award, his will go in his official personnel file. Unfortunately, they stopped giving out the physical medals in 2007, which would’ve been really cool (and would have totally made me jealous). But I am still so proud of how well he’s doing in our new career.

The end of the workday was even capped off by a gorgeous double rainbow caught between thunderclouds all orange in the sunset as we walked to the parking lot. The whole day would’ve been perfect if our son hadn’t refused to eat his dinner. Ah, you gotta love the work-life balance.