The British High Commission residence has a small pub on property called the Pig & Parrot. The gentleman that runs it is a bit of a character. They’re open only once a week and occasionally send the CLO a reminder, and she forwards it to the embassy community. This week, there was a particularly interesting line that got a good portion of the embassy talking. It said…

Also we have two very special guests tonight, Alex Ferguson (Manchester United football manager) and Rodger Moore (James Bond). I’m not joking.

Most of us figured he was joking. For one thing, Roger Moore is 85 years old. There was a slim possibility that he might actually have come to Belize on vacation. And the country was so small that he would probably be considered a VIP and be escorted around by someone at the BHC.

But before the pub even opened, the word leaked out through the grapevine…literally. I was on the phone with a friend when she received a text message from someone else saying that there was in fact an official visitor named Rodger Moore coming to the P&P, but it was not James Bond.

We decided to go anyway. For one thing, we hardly ever get out at night and have only been to the P&P a handful of times in the last year. And, most exciting for us, a new family has moved to post that has teenage girls that are willing to babysit. This was the first time that I’d left our son alone with anyone under 30 that wasn’t a registered daycare provider. But he was already asleep when she arrived, so all she had to do was relax and watch TV and call us if there were any problems.

What amazing freedom!! My hubby and I hadn’t had a date night since his mother was visiting in May for our fourth anniversary. So we thoroughly enjoyed our couple of hours at the P&P where we partook moderately of the Guinness and hard cider and liberally of the relaxation and conversation.

On our way out, we passed a gentleman at the gate. He was about 5’11″ and looked to be in his late 40’s. The guard asked him his name. “Rodger Moore,” he responded. The guard crossed his name of the list. So, hey, I guess we got to see Rodger Moore after all. 😉