I know that we’ve had our next post assignment for a few months now, but mid-level bidders are just finding out where they’ll be going next summer. Entry-level and mid-level bidding are vastly different entities. For entry level, you are given a predetermined list and have to sort it by your high, medium and low preferences, and you have no control over how long it is or what’s on it. Our first list had 19 posts, and our second one had 50.

I’m looking forward to mid-level bidding because, to me, it sounds like there’s a lot more freedom of choice. Yet strangely enough, not everyone enjoys mid-level bidding. This post does an excellent (and hysterical) job of explaining why that might be the case. Basically, if you didn’t like middle school, you might not like mid-level bidding.

Fabling: Middle School and Bidding

I got to see this dance in action with one of my coworkers this season. They had preliminary interest from a great post in Europe, then got promoted in the middle of bidding, which changed all their available positions. From there they were pursued by two different posts…one in South America and one in Africa. They finally decided on the one in South America and pretty much sealed the deal.

Then literally the next day, they were offered another position from another great post in Europe. But turning down offers doesn’t look good in the long run. So they’re off to South America next year!! Which is rather disappointing for us…we were hoping they’d be in Europe, so we could all hang out. Such is life in the Foreign Service!!