We managed to get out of town again last weekend. It’d been a couple months, and my hubby in particular had been extremely busy the last few weeks at work. So it was a well-deserved respite over the three-day weekend.

We had been talking about going to Placencia before the winter high-season rates kicked in. But I’d been feeling particularly lazy and didn’t want to drive for two hours and spend money that I’d rather save for London. But reason and mental health won out in the end, and we hopped into the car and meandered on down.

The weather prediction said it was going to rain on and off all weekend and be in the low 80s. Happily, the bridge that they’ve been working on for four years was finally completed, and we didn’t have to worry about not being able to cross the river in either direction if the rains were heavy.

We check into the Laru Beya Resort & Villas. I’d stayed there once before with my mom and wasn’t that impressed. It’d seemed dated, there was no railing on the balcony to keep my toddler from throwing himself off, and it was right by the pool. So if A did throw himself off, he could then throw himself in the pool…again, not a relaxing scenario. Plus everyone at the pool could loiter around in front of our door and look in our window. But we figured we’d give it another go, since it was fairly economical compared to some of the other hotels.

This time our room was located on the edge of the property and bordered the neighboring (more expensive) resort that we had stayed in back in May when we went whale shark diving for our anniversary. A few people passed by on the beach, but it was out of sight of the pool AND it actually had a rail on the patio. So this time we had fun swinging on the hammock and sitting in the little patio chairs even if the legs were almost completed eroded by rust. They’d also painted over the hot pink that was our building back in January, and it was now a nice creamy off white.

Last time we’d learned that the restaurant wasn’t that great, but the customer service was, and still is, fantastic. So we had breakfast at the hotel, but then ventured out into town for lunches and then had dinners at our two favorite restaurants: Rumfish y Vino and La Dolce Vita. We gorged ourselves on scrumptious Seafood Cassoulet from a new French chef, Shrimp Mankousha, Crèma di Scampi, and Filetto di Pesce Puttanesca…followed by gelato from Tutti Frutti in great flavors like Kiwi, Berry Cheesecake, Baileys, Banana and Cappuccino. Super yummy! The baby even got a taste…but he preferred the cone by itself.

Back at the hotel, we didn’t end up swimming since it was a bit cooler and slightly stormy. But it was so very soothing to just sit and listen to the wind in the palm trees and the crashing of the normally quiet surf.