My hubby got to go to Panama for regional training this week. He was less excited about it than I was. The Panama Canal is on my Bucket List, and he actually used to live there when he was in high school. So not exactly a novelty to him.

I thought seriously of trying to go with him. My boss even approved a week of leave. But the ticket was expensive, and the flight was long. And, most importantly, there’s always the question of what to do with the baby. If we’re going on R&R or changing posts, I could see subjecting him to a potentially horrible flight, but not for a week of vacation.

Logistics were another consideration. We’d have a hotel room…but we always try to get suites so that A can sleep in his travel crib in the other room. He’s a noisy baby. That wouldn’t have been an option this time. So Daddy might not have gotten any sleep all week. Not to mention transportation, and car seats, and restaurants.

And I didn’t want to leave him home for a week. Although after talking to his nanny today, we established that she would’ve been more than happy to stay with him, which is good to know. But that would’ve also cost the price of a second ticket in overtime salary.

Happily, my hubby was able to call me every night on Skype. Although it didn’t work very well from computer to computer, he eventually was able to call the house phone. So at least we got to talk. And he sent me a photo of him in front of the canal and a video of ships going through it. It was almost like I was right there with him. He’s so thoughtful. 🙂

As it turns out, training days ended up lasting from 10-12 hours from the time he left the hotel and got back again. We wouldn’t have been able to really do anything together anyway. So I guess I’ll keep the Panama Canal on my Bucket List and incorporate it into a nice cruise to the Galapagos…when A’s quite a bit older.