We lost a friend this week. We hadn’t seen him in a while…not since 2008. His name was Kevin, and we worked together in Antarctica in the Supply Department. That season, he was my immediate supervisor, and he was a great boss. He and his wife lived down the hall from my hubby and I in the same dorm, so we ran into them a lot, both on and off the clock. He was grounded, funny, and easy going, and she was beautiful and always sweet and friendly.

I later heard that they’d gotten a divorce, which was unfortunate. They were a cute couple. But he continued to live his life, posted travel pictures on Facebook, and eventually met someone new. Sometime in the last year, he moved to Canada to be with her. He had gone back to school and was working as a teacher.

Then last week he went missing after leaving a bar near Toronto. This week his body turned up in a landfill in Michigan. The police supposedly don’t suspect foul play, but I have no concept of how something like that could happen accidentally. The entire thing is so awful, it’s almost unbelievable. I can’t imagine what his family must be going through.

So many people will miss him. He was only 38.