My son loves to read, which is a lot of fun because technically he doesn’t even know his alphabet yet. But he’s always loved books…and I LOVE that. Before he could even sit up on his own, one of his favorite “toys” was a waterproof puffy book. I would prop him against me, read him the story, and he would turn the pages.

Now that he’s almost two, he asks for books (boo) and stories (toe-ey), and he sleeps with them in his crib. If you try to take them out, he cries. Half the time, when my alarm goes off at 6am, he’s sitting up in the corner of his crib looking through his books or “reading aloud” to himself in a language only he understands.

Right now his current favorites are board books…Winnie the Pooh, Rainbow Duck and Where’s My Mommy. He also likes to rip the pages out of paper books (particularly pages with cars on them), and pop-up books don’t fare well either. Good thing he has a ton of them. I was going to point out that the reason is because one of his grandmas used to be a librarian, but both grandmas have kept his shelves well stocked. Thank you, thank you, grandmas!

I hope he continues to love reading. Speaking from experience, as an only child who moved around a lot, books can be a savior at times. They can become your friends when you don’t recognize a single face during your day. They can open up your point of view so that you don’t feel so isolated. They can bring you much needed knowledge or stories and experiences about the place that you’re currently in. Or they can simply create another world when you’re looking for an escape.

Unfortunately, I don’t read much in the way of books anymore. I seem to only have time for short bursts of information. I read mostly blogs and articles when I can grab “me” time.

But one of my favorite memories was having a childhood friend read an entire novel aloud to me and her three sisters over a few weeks when we were in high school. Even in the ‘80s it was a very Jane Austin thing to do. And we all loved it. In fourth grade, my mom used to cuddle with me at night and sing songs out of a Peter, Paul and Mary songbook. It had the same warm fuzzy feeling.

I look forward to those special moments with our son. I look forward to sharing those adventures of the imagination with him and going through all those stories I never read as a kid…Treasure Island, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Around the World in 80 Days, The Jungle Books, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Call of the Wild, The Swiss Family Robinson, The Three Musketeers. (Wow, how did I miss all of those?)

I guess I learned a lot from movies too. 😉