…which is ironic because I never actually went to Whole Foods back in the States. I guess what I really miss is any store with a decent produce section where I can find healthy things for my kid to eat. Whole Foods sounds like Mecca at this point. I feel like all I do is give him mac ‘n’ cheese, hot dogs, cheese, waffles, graham crackers, PB&J and turkey baby food mixed with rice cereal that we get from the States.

The stores in Belize don’t actually have a produce section worth mentioning…it’s usually just small potatoes, scrawny expensive tomatoes, and onions buzzing with fruit flies. You can find a few carrots and apples in the refrigerated section. I try to give him canned or frozen veggies, and he throws them on the floor or spends 20 minutes popping the peas individually. At least he likes V-8 Splash.

We have a farmers market twice a week in town, but it’s small and dirty and has mostly exotic fruits that he’s not a fan of; although he does like watermelon and guava. I’d give him dragon fruit, but it has a ton of tiny seeds, and the juice is practically a dye. Not ideal for a toddler. The breadfruit I’ve had was more of a paste inside than a vegetable.

So I can go ahead and add that to the list of things that I’m hoping our next post has…better grocery stores!!