The rainy season started a couple weeks early this year. Happily, it waited until we were back from our fabulous whale-shark diving vacation in Placencia before the sky opened up. But it’s been raining pretty consistently ever since with a few nice days here and there. It’s also the beginning of Atlantic Hurricane Season, and we’ve already had two named storms. So this summer should be pretty interesting.

I actually really like the rain. I spent about seven years in South East Alaska when I was growing up and have always enjoyed the closeness and immediacy that overcast skies and low clouds bring. Even if it’s 80 degrees outside, I still want to cuddle up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea (probably because our A/C is set on 72) and just feel all cozy. Plus it does keep the outdoor temperatures down a bit…assuming the sun doesn’t come out afterward and turn the place into a sauna.

I’m also a big fan of puddles and playing in the rain. As an adult, I don’t do it often enough. That’s why I’m happy to now be a mother and use my son as an excuse. 😉 He’s been cooped up in the house a lot the last week, and the other kids on the compound haven’t been out much either. Yesterday I wanted to take him to the pool, but it rained. Today I was hoping for better weather. But it rained all day on and off.

So after A had has his lunch, I put him in the worst-looking outfit he’s ever been in (all things that I didn’t mind getting wet and dirty), and our little family of three stomped through the muddy grass between our house and the playground. I padded around barefoot since I kept slipping off of my wet flip flops. A was less interested in playing on the swings as he was running around on the basketball court and jumping in the puddles. Daddy splashed him a few times, which didn’t really matter since it was pouring rain, so he was pretty happy camper.

Afterward we had a nice warm shower, some peanut butter crackers and cartoons, followed by a well-deserved nap. Well, I did anyway. A just played in his crib for a while.