Today is the Kentucky Derby!! Actually, it was two weeks ago, but I’m cheating and using the WordPress backdating option. At any rate, our awesome neighbors threw a Kentucky Derby Party and invited pretty much the entire American community. Luckily, this is a small post, so only about 30 people showed up with all their children, otherwise it could’ve really gotten out of hand. 😉

But I was super excited. This was my first time watching the Kentucky Derby, which is apparently only about two minutes long. And, even more exciting, it was my first Kentucky Derby Party! And I took it very seriously. The invitation said dresses and big hats, so I consulted with the hostess, immediately got online and started hat shopping. I had a new green dress that would work perfectly for the occasion that I hadn’t worn yet.

Belmopan is so tiny and rural that there’re very few occasions to dress up, so I went all out. Not only did I wear the green dress, but I found a nice green “fascinator” to match. And it was even shipping from the U.K., which made it feel even more fancy and authentic. My only concern was that it wouldn’t arrive in time.

But it made it, and we cruised over in our Sunday best for some socializing and mint juleps while we waited for the race to start. Our hostess had also gone all out. She had made hobby horses for the kids out of socks and fantastic food labels on the table in the shape of floppy hats. The attention to detail really was impressive and totally enhanced the atmosphere.

My first fascinator!!

Such great detail!!

There is no gambling allowed on U.S. government property, which I guess our housing compound qualifies as…even though we’re just leasing it. I’m not much of a gambler…but I do enjoy a good bet since I do it so seldom. My standard wager is rarely more than $10. I did recently bet that Tiger Woods would tank in the Masters, and he did. “Woods finished with his worst score in relation to par in 16 Masters as a pro,” if I may quote The Washington Post. Which was almost as thrilling as my $5 BZD winnings (about $2.50 USD).

So in lieu of betting, our hosts had worked out an elaborate scoreboard and guests randomly picked names out of a hat. I chose Bodemeister to place. If it was up to me, I would’ve picked Sabercat simply because I liked the name. But Fate was wiser! Bodemeister was in the lead for half the race, so I kept yelling at him to fall back!! And apparently he heard me, since he came in second, and I walked away with a fabulous gift certificate to a local restaurant. 🙂