Today is the one-year anniversary of my Foreign Service blog, and this is my 100th post! And what a year this has been.

When I started my blog in April last year, I was living in Colorado, had just passed my Oral Assessment/Interview for a position as an Office Management Specialist and was waiting on my medical and background clearances to determine a training date in DC.

That all followed in June, and we then said good-bye to friends in Colorado, packed up and moved our family to Washington DC to live in corporate housing for two months while I attended the Foreign Service Institute.

We got to experience Flag Day at FSI, where we found out that we would first be posted in Belize for two years. I was sworn into State Department service along with my Specialist classmates by Thomas Nides, the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources. And we got to meet all kinds of new people that would become contacts, colleagues and friends. We also got to spend some quality time with family in Virginia, which was a total bonus.

Since arriving in Central America, the transition to Foreign Service life has been pretty smooth. We had our natural period of adjustment being in a new culture. But travel and change come (relatively) easily to our family. And our daily life isn’t too different.

My hubby found a job at the embassy and was sworn in by our Consular Chief, so we’re both working again. The baby is home with the nanny instead of being in daycare. We spend most of our free time visiting with neighbors, playing in the pool, or relaxing at home with a video game or a movie and just enjoying each other’s company. We try to get out and about it if’s a baby-friendly event or we can find someone to babysit.

A lot of people seem to have a bucket list for the countries that they’re in. And I’m sure we will too if we end up in a larger one. Other than scuba diving, there’s not a whole lot that we’re really interested in locally that we haven’t already done, so our list is pretty short.

But I’d say that we’re still happy with the choice we made to join the Foreign Service. We’re looking forward to our bid list when it comes out in July or August. By then we will have been at post for a year, and will only have one more left until our next big move.

I plan to continue blogging and hopefully continue to have new adventures, learn new things, and find new resources worth sharing. So thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned!