I like to think that I’m a relatively strong creature. I try not to let too many things bother me. But I do internalize…a lot. And I also have very vivid dreams. So needless to say, a lot of things that I prefer not to dwell on manifest themselves in my dreams. Last night was one of those nights. I had one of those nightmares that’s like six nightmares combined into one.

I know there are terrible things that happen all over the world…and terrible people everywhere. Sometimes I’d even take a break from watching the news back in the States because it was just starting to get me down. I don’t really have that luxury here as much of it is actually work related. And horrible crimes stand out because the country is so small; it all feels very personal and very immediate.

Anyway, my dream last night was basically a combination of the following headlines (one of them is a U.S. story but was practically the only thing on the news yesterday):

Mother and Daughter Murdered by Boyfriend

American & Italian Tourists Drown While Snorkeling

Police Investigate Rape and Stabbing of Yacht Tourists

Tornadoes Rip Through Dallas-Fort Worth Area

I recently read someone’s blog post that talked about the fact that they were currently in a developed country after being posted in a challenging hardship post. The thing that really stood out to me was her comment that “it feels like a weight has been lifted.” I know there are much more challenging posts out there than Belize. But I look forward to that sense of relief should our next post be a developed country.