If I were to start keeping a list of the things that I miss about the U.S., good customer service might be in the top 10. We’ve come across a couple places that had great customer service out in San Pedro, which is understandable since it’s the most touristy spot in the country.

But as a general rule, the vibe when you enter a restaurant is more like you’re eating at someone’s house. They kind of look at you funny, wonder why you’re sitting in their dining room, hesitantly take your order, bring the food at a leisurely pace, go back to watching TV with their back to you, and patiently wait for you to leave. I like to imagine that they’re more than happy to have you join them, start talking about whatever’s on the screen, share a beer or ask about their family. But it takes a little getting used to.

We had a girls’ weekend in Placencia this last weekend and stayed at a really spendy hotel. We split the cost between us, so it turned out to be relatively reasonable. But the service really left something to be desired. At dinner, the waitress in the restaurant only had three other tables, and it took her 20 minutes to bring us menus. Then it took her another 25 minutes to bring us our drinks. I have no idea when our food arrived as I simply stopped paying attention at that point. But we definitely had the feeling that she not only didn’t care if we were happy customers or not, but she flat out didn’t want us there.

The company was still fabulous, and we had a great time hanging out at the pool and relaxing while our awesome hubbies watched the kids for the day back at the ranch. But we might have to head to San Pedro next time…or Miami.