Yesterday was our six-month anniversary of arriving at post. We are officially 25% of the way through our first two-year tour!

I’d say things are progressing well. I pretty much know how to do my job. We know our way around town. We know where the good restaurants are, which grocery stores have the most selection, and which ones have A/C for the hot months (sadly, they are mutually exclusive). We know where to go for weekend get-aways, and which tourist sites to take visiting friends and family to. We’ve made some good friends. We know who to talk to if we need something accomplished.

And we’re becoming more and more embedded in our community. My husband interviewed for a job at the embassy yesterday (so keep your fingers crossed everyone!). Our son loves his part-time nanny, and she’s looking forward to going full time if N and I are both working. We had a wine-tasting last night, have a BBQ today, zip lining on Monday and Ladies Night next Thursday. So we’re still keeping our social calendar full.

Even though we’re becoming more comfortable in Central America, the bid list comes out in less than six months, and I’m already anxious to see it…and to find out where our next big adventure will be! That is one of my favorite things about the Foreign Service…always something to look forward to! I have no idea how soon after you submit your list that you find out where they’re sending you. But we won’t be going anywhere for a little while yet.