Things have been pretty busy since my last post. My mom and I spent the last weekend of her visit in Placencia. We stayed at a different hotel than my hubby and I did last time…something a little closer to town. It rained off and on the whole time, but we did a bit of swimming in the pool, swung on the hammock and sat on the porch swing on the deck while the baby napped.

Then we walked along the “World-famous Placencia sidewalk” as it’s billed on their map. I don’t know that it’s particularly famous outside of Placencia, but whatever. It’s literally a sidewalk that runs parallel to the only road in Placencia village about two houses over from the road itself. It’s kind of random as it just meanders between people’s houses, a few small budget hotels, local restaurants and craft stalls. I found the ice cream shop that everyone here keeps talking about, but I wasn’t craving ice cream, so we didn’t go in…and my mom was on a hunt for souvenir wooden bowls. It’s super cute though, an old white Victorian building with little ice cream cones cut out of the lattice work.

Then my hubby got back from his trip to DC on Monday, which was just in time as A’s nanny was out sick all week with bronchitis. I felt kind of bad for him. He didn’t get much rest during the three weeks that he was away, and I was hoping to give him a chance to recuperate. But baby duty called.

On Wednesday we took advantage of our last week with grandma, and went out to dinner with three other embassy couples. Almost all the restaurants in Belmopan (at least the ones that we’ve been too) are open to the elements, and I always get bit no matter how much bug spray I put on. And they like my feet for some reason. So I was going insane most of Thursday and Friday with huge bug bites rubbing on the inside of my shoes. I picked up some Calagel from the nurse, which seemed to work okay. But several people recommended a paste of water and baking soda, so I gave it a shot…and, wow, that is amazing stuff! I think I need to invest more in home remedies.

We had a going-away party for my mom on Friday night. About nine women from the embassy community that she had met over the last couple months joined us for wine and snacks and conversation. They stayed until about 10:00, then we stayed up talking afterward, I got to bed around 1am…then up with the baby at 6am. Took my mom to the airport in the afternoon, and then I went to bed at 7:00pm…and slept for 11 hours. It’s nice to have visitors, but it’s always nice to get back to a quiet routine afterward and get some rest.