My mom and I ate out at the Roaring River Golf Course on Friday night. It’s a lovely nine-hole golf course literally carved out of the bush outside of Belmopan. They have four little one-room cabanas, and a larger two-bedroom house for guest accommodation, and a fantastic restaurant called The Meating Place. During the day there is a great view of the river, and at night the stars shine brighter than anything we can see from town.

The owners are expats…a South African gentleman and an American woman that have been in Belize for many years…and provide some of the best customer service we’ve had here. They were serving steak and lobster the night that we went, and, boy, was it good. They also had tasty wines, a great house salad with bacon-wrapped shrimp skewers, fresh veggies, and an awesome dessert of vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and strawberries.

If you’re ever in Belmopan and need a place to stay, I highly recommend it. Just watch out for the potholes on the dirt road…oh, and the croc in the water hazard. 😉


Photo courtesy of Roaring River Golf Course.

Photo courtesy of Roaring River Golf Course.