For those of you that have been worried about me after reading my recent blog posts, I just wanted to say thank you for your concern and encouragement. All is well. And I probably shouldn’t post when I’m feeling whiny. I promise it’s not that bad. Sometimes it’s even fantastic!! Like last weekend when we FINALLY made it to Placencia!!

Placencia village isn’t that exciting…a little shady even. But it’s colorful. Here’s a little choppy history from Wikipedia:

In the 17th century, Placencia was settled by the English Puritans, originally from Nova Scotia. This settlement died out during the Central American wars of independence in the 1820s. The Placencia Peninsula was resettled in the late 1800s by several families. Placencia prospered and soon became a village, earning its livelihood from the sea.

The Spaniards that traveled the southern coast of Belize gave Placencia its name. At that time Placencia was called Placentia, with the point being called Punta Placentia, or Pleasant Point. In the late 20th century it became a significant tourism destination, and is now referred to as Placencia proper, or simply Placencia.

On October 8th, 2001, Hurricane Iris hit southern Belize with 145mph winds causing major damage to nearly 95% of buildings in Placencia. Many developers took advantage of plummeted real estate value and an increased development of the peninsula and Placencia proper is consistently on the rise, as well as property value.

And the best part about Placencia is the resorts. We stayed at The Placencia Hotel, which has to be one of the nicest hotels in the country. I used to stay in youth hostels when I traveled, but I’ve reached a place in my life where I like a little luxury. Granted, this is probably the most I’ve ever paid for a hotel room. BUT it was worth it!!

We stayed in a Sea Front Villa. And the only thing between our French doors and the Caribbean Sea were palm trees, a small palapa, a pair of thickly-cushioned beach chairs, and 30-yards of combed sand.

In the room (it was two rooms actually) we had a full kitchen, dining room table, two TVs, two rattan lounge chairs, a queen bed, and a portable crib. The staff put fresh hibiscus flowers all over the rooms…in the bathrooms, on our bed…even in the baby’s crib. Now THAT made me feel welcome. That and the welcome drinks with little umbrellas that we were given while checking in…at 9:30am…sadly, they were nonalcoholic.

However, there were three restaurants. One of them was at the end of a pier and had a beautiful thatched roof…that kept the rain off surprisingly well Sunday morning as we sat and drank cappuccinos and listened to the sound of water falling on water. Another was in the main reception building with both patio and air-conditioned indoor dining available. And the last, but certainly not least, was under a palapa by the pool. The pool had a swim-up bar and little submerged blue mosaic stools.

The food was delicious. We ate four meals at the resort, which consisted of breakfast calzones stuffed with eggs and sausage, huevos rancheros on thin tortillas, Norwegian salmon and seared tuna sushi, Angus beef cheeseburgers, and shrimp Caesar salads with good-sized shrimp. We also enjoyed Mudslides, Piña Coladas, and the occasional Horny Monkey.

The service was hit or miss. Great service: We ordered take-out after a drink in the main bar, but they thought it would ruin the presentation, so they insisted on carrying it all the way back to our room on a tray. Crap service: At breakfast on the pier our server seemed almost resentful that we were there and only interacted with us long enough to demand that we sign our bill. A 10% gratuity was included on all the bills, so we gave a little extra here and there…when appropriate.

And the baby reached some milestones. First time at the beach! First time seeing the sea. How nice that it was the Caribbean Sea. The beach was also crawling with wildlife. Some we were really happy not to have discovered with our feet. Such as Baby’s First Sea Urchin. Baby’s First Conch and Baby’s First Starfish were a little more forgiving. (We also saw two gray foxes…one missing a foot…and a giant land crab running across the grass by the pool.) While we’re talking babies, let it also be noted that the baby monitor reached all the way to the pool bar and the pier restaurant. Words cannot describe this luxury.

So after the baby was asleep, and the take-out had been carried to the room, my fabulous husband and I dragged the thickly-cushioned beach loungers out from under the palapa and in full view of the night sky. We sat quietly, more relaxed than we’d been in probably six months before this whole adventure began, counted shooting stars, ate our shrimp Caesars and drank our Horny Monkeys.

I almost felt badly that we didn’t explore more beyond the resort, and I thought of the movie dialogue between Elizabeth Swan and Jack Sparrow where she said accusingly, “So that’s it, then? That’s the secret, grand adventure of the infamous Jack Sparrow. You spent three days lying on a beach drinking rum.”

Welcome to the Caribbean, love. 😉

View of the Sea Front Villas from the pier at The Placencia Hotel.